Who We Are

by St. Stephens

St. Stephen’s on-the-Hill is located on the south side of Indian Road between Tecumseh Park Drive and
Caldwell Ave. We’re number 998. Just look for the sign that marks this sacred space.

We worship each Sunday at 10:30am with other complementary services and activities at times
throughout the week designed to engage individuals seeking to learn and grow in the Christian faith.

Our Mission Statement

To accomplish what God is asking of us, in regards to:

  • Personal support and encouragement
  • Christian education
  • Enhancement of family life
  • Alleviation of poverty
    To identify, prioritise and respond in a caring way to the needs of people in our congregation and
    To contribute to the worldwide improvement of quality of life in its varied manifestations.

Come as you are …and bring an appetite.

Many people in our world drift from place to place, in and out of lifestyles and communities, even in and
out of churches and religious groups hungry for spiritual connection…but never fully satisfied. We at St.
Stephen’s on-the-Hill believe that God cares deeply for each of us and knows that we need spiritual
nourishment. In our fast paced and fragmented world, we believe in Jesus Christ as our source of lasting
Bring an appetite to learn.
We can never fully understand God, but this is no obstacle – it is an invitation to journey deeper in our
faith and the life into which God invites us. As we seek to understand the kind of God we worship and
serve, we increase our capacity to live life and catch glimpses of a life beyond the life we know. We at St.
Stephen’s on-the-Hill encourage people to deepen their knowledge of God’s mysteries through relevant
teaching, expressive music, and authentic community.
Bring an appetite for adventure.
Wherever you’re from: welcome! No matter if you’re far along on your Christian journey, or just
investigating Jesus for the first time, come and see. When we’re traveling and discover God’s life
renewing Spirit, we find that transformation becomes a beautiful reality in the life we share with God
and one another! Come.…and leave different.
Bring an appetite to make a difference.
The Christian life is about more than correct thoughts and a loving attitude, it’s about living out our
calling to be “salt and light” in the world. This means using our God given gifts and talents. Volunteer
opportunities and events at St. Stephen’s on-the-Hill and “off-the-hill” will help you get you wholly