Covid-19 Info

by St. Stephens

Due to the restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, all St. Stephen’s on-the-Hill physical facilities have been closed.  However, the church is very much alive through a wide variety of virtual activities and services being delivered.  Zoom enabled Memorial Services have also been held and can be arranged.

We have resumed our regular Sunday Morning Zoom services at 10:30 AM and are planning the return to in church attendance soon.

To participate in our Zoom services please email Rev. Debra McGill ( ) or contact the church office.

If you have any pastoral care needs or wish to be included in our virtual outreach please call us at 905-278-9245 or send an email to  There is also a mailbox beside the main door of the church (which is checked regularly).

Our church is a small organization with ongoing financial obligations.  Our main sources of income have been impacted by Covid-19.  We no longer receive in person donations at our Sunday services.  Our May garage sale is postponed and our rental income is nonexistent due to cancellations.  Please consider making an online donation here by using the “Donate Now” button below to help us through this difficult period.  Thank you very much.


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